Resolutions Process

CATE’s resolution process

A message from the Resolutions Chair:

The resolutions process needs input from many CATE members to be successful.  If you have an idea for a resolution at any time throughout the year, you can send it to Robert Polski who will forward to your local council’s representative and to the CATE Board.

Resolutions can be about local issues as well as state-wide issues. Follow the format of the resolutions below, starting with a background statement and then the resolution. Send the resolution to Robert Polski with “CATE Resolution” in the Subject Line and the following information in the message:

email address
affiliate council



(Explain the issue, whether it be a description of a problem or a particularly noteworthy trend in the teaching of language arts. Current issues include classroom time taken to administer standardized tests and class size at grades 4-8 and 10-12.)


(Begin the statement, “Be it resolved that . . . “Make a call to action for an official or a political body. For example, you might resolve that the State Board of Education consolidate the STAR program so that fewer tests are required.)


To whomever should receive this (i.e. newspapers, legislators, governors,. . . .

Thank you.