Resolutions 2017

Resolution on Class Size Reduction

Whereas, the Common Core State Standards Initiative emphasizes and
delineates College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for
Writing; and

Whereas, a key strand of the English Language Arts/English Language
Development Framework for California Public Schools: Kindergarten Through Grade
Twelve is written forms of expression; and

Whereas, the California Writing Project has, for 40+ years, at 16
regional sites, promoted student learning via the teaching of writing;

Whereas, more than a dozen California state commissions and reports
on the teaching of English language arts content and skills, during the
past 40 years, have emphasized the need for student writing; and

Whereas, California has, in recent years, had the highest teacherstudent
ratio in the nation; and

Whereas, individualizing and differentiating instruction to improve
the writing skills of students’ diverse cultural and academic needs in
California is paramount; and

Whereas, restorative justice calls for teachers getting to know their
students on a personal level, using peer-mediated small groups’
written expressions to reconcile differences; and

Whereas, a secondary English teaching load of 100 students per day
(NCTE recommendation since 1960), at a minimum of 20 minutes per
week per student for the evaluation of writing, involves 33 hours
beyond teaching duties; and

Whereas, California English language arts teaching loads have
increased greatly since the 2008 Great Recession;

Therefore, let it be resolved that the California Association of
Teachers of English (CATE) commend those school districts which
have reduced class sizes in English instruction; and

Therefore, that the California Association of Teachers of English
(CATE) urge other school districts, via their Boards of Education,
administrators, and English departments, give their immediate
attention to the perennial and pressing problem of reducing class
sizes, including, but not limited to, seeking additional state funding.

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