California English Journal — September 2020

Theme: Teaching Toward Justice

Artist of this issue: Diego Monterrubio

California English journal cover, September 2020


Sandra Murphy and Mary Ann Smith
Writing for Real is More Critical than Ever

R. Joseph Rodriguez
Letter to the Editor

Michael Hicks Interview
A Cloud-Based Writing Platform During Distance Learning

Frank Mata
Being James Baldwin

Mary Beth Barber
Online Content for All California Students

Troy Hicks Interview
Writing Instruction, Online Peer Feedback, Automated Scoring

Anthony Lince
The Power of Narratives in Our Classrooms

Donald J. Kraemer
Conflicting Maxims In To Kill A Mockingbird

CATE Board
2020 Election Results

Carol Battle
Teaching Toward Justice

Allison Briceno
Selecting and Analyzing Diverse Texts to Engage All Readers

John Creger
Distance Learning Has Helped My Students Find Themselves

Angus Dunstan
What I Learned About Teaching Writing

Features and Columns

President’s Perspective

Editor’s Column

Call for Manuscripts

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Call for Manuscripts

Next Issue: February 2021
Theme: From Reading Worriers to Reading Warriors

Are you worried about your students’ reading habits and skills? According to the most recent Nation’s Report Card, reading scores for students in grades 4 and 8 have declined. The percentages of students meeting college readiness benchmarks in reading are the lowest they have been in 15 years. Alarmingly, it is our most vulnerable students who are the least prepared. Instead of wringing our hands, we need to figure out how to reverse this trend. How are you helping your students become competent and confident readers? How can we make the shift from reading worriers to reading warriors?

Due Date: December 31, 2020