California English Journal — September 2018

Theme: Papers, Papers, Papers

Artist of this issue: Nano Rubi

California English September 2018


From Product to Process, Critic To Coach: Simple Shifts for Improving Feedback and Reclaiming Your Weekends
Barbara McBride Steinberg

The Goldilocks Method: The ‘Just Right’ Method of Tackling Those Stacks of Ungraded Papers
Callie Kitchen

What Did You Get? Counteracting the Student Response to Our Efforts on Grading
Trent Anthony Hall

A Threshold Concept In Grading: How I Learned to Create Meaningful Opportunities for Collaborative Peer Editing
Heather Macias

The Stacks
Sabrina Villagran

Innovation, Economics and Composition: How English Teachers Can Help Students Be Creative and Hirable
Robert De France

Parts Asunder
Erika Cobain

Ordinary People
Lisa Friedman

Annotation-Driven Conferences: A Pragmatic Approach to Papers, Papers, Papers
Marissa King and Karen Sheriff Levan

Doing Our Share
Kathryn Gullo and Catherine Underwood

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Next Issue: November 2018

The publishing market for young adults increasingly features novels written in verse. Even Laurie Halse Anderson’s iconic novel Speak has been reimagined (in collaboration with Anderson) by Emily Carroll in graphic form. What are the pros and cons of this trend. How are your students responding to these books, including graphic biographies like March by John Lewis and memoirs like Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis? Should we be teaching more of them?

Due Date: October 1, 2018