California English Journal — September 2017

Theme: The Lives of Others: Teaching Memoir, Biography and Autobiography

Artist of this issue: Carrie Grant

California English journal September 2017


Affirming Life Writing: Helping Students Narrate the Tales of Their Lives
Karen Yelton-Curtis

On Teaching RIVERINE
Stephanie Paterson

Revising Rhetorically: Audience, Task, and Purpose
Tialitha Macklin and Marcy Merrill

You Remind Me Of …
Bill Younglove

Life, Death and Reading: Stories from the Backlot
Brandy Price

Literature, Re-Appropriated Language, and Respect
Jannifer Heiner

Remembering Who Feeds Us: Food Memoirs in Humanities Writing
Carla Williams-Namboodiri

Biography: The Power of Teaching Children to be Change-Agents
Margit Boyesen

Some Reasons for Reading Biography
Michael Jago

CATE Award Winners

Book Review: DISRUPTING THINKING: WHY HOW WE READ MATTERS By Kylene Beers And Robert Probst
Heather Dean

California Young Readers Medal

Features and Columns

President’s Perspective: The Power of Reading

From the Editor: Recommended Memoirs

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Next Issue: November 2017

Social psychologists Emanuele Castano and David Comer Kidd have conducted
experiments whose findings suggest that reading literary fiction improves our capacity for
understanding how other people’s beliefs and desires may be different from our own. How
have you used literature to teach empathy? What works have elicited particularly poignant,
surprising, and powerful responses from your students? Can reading books make us better
people? Have you found nonfiction texts that have had the same effect?

Due Date: October 1, 2017