California English Journal — November 2021

Theme: Teaching Towards Independence

Artist of this issue: Carol Mayfield

California English: The quarterly Journal of the California Association of Teachers of English, Vol. 27, No 2, November 2021. Teaching Towards Independence. Renew your CATE Membership today.


Jennifer Fletcher
Rethinking Shortcuts to Proficiency: From Mimicry to Mastery

Tim Dewar, Laurie Stowell, Juliet Wahleithner, et al.
CWP Response to Amy Conley’s “Imagining the Future of Literacy Instruction in California”

Heather Macias
Valuing Students’ Funds of Knowledge

Lisa Scherff
The Nickel Boys as a Whole-Class Novel

Kitty Donohoe
How A Childhood “Haunting” Can Make Students Better Writers

Kira Leekeenan
Moving Toward a Humanizing Stance in Writing Pedagogy

Frank Mata
Caught Slippin’
Equity And Diversity Column

Kimberly Athans
Building A Cathedral

NCTE Annual Convention, 2022

Has Your Membership Lapsed?

CATE 2022 Creative Writing Contest

Kelly Gallagher and Penny Kittle
An Excerpt from Four Essential Studies: Beliefs and Practices to Reclaim Student Agency

Long Beach, February 25-27, 2022

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Next Issue: February 2022

Is there a place for popular culture in an English curriculum? How can teachers integrate the texts students are consuming outside of school with those that are traditionally found within textbooks? Can conversations about popular culture stimulate discussion around critical issues? What challenges do these texts pose for teachers?

Due Date: January 1, 2022