California English Journal — November 2019

Theme: Write Now Revisited

Artist of this issue: Ralph Fletcher

California English, the Quarterly Journal of the California Association of Teachers of English


Kelly Stratford Crespo
My Evolving Literacy of Literacy Narratives

Ralph Fletcher
Introduction to Focus Lessons

William Bintz
Hybrid Texts as Mentor Texts and Beyond:
Integrating Fiction and Nonfiction

Douglas E. Forster
Bridging the Gap Between Narrative and Expository Writing

Patrick Mooney
Convicting the Killer: The Case for Prosecuting Your Claim

Jackie Smith
Nausea and Tears:
Supporting Students During the Writing Process

Tracy Sprague
Write Five: A Structure that Supports Student Writers

Rebecca M. Giles
Creating Authors Through Classroom Publishing:
Strategies for Supporting Young Writers

Hayley Shapland
Developing Rhetorical Prowess by Starting With “The Evidence”

Na’amit Sturm Nagel
The Timelessness of Teaching Frankenstein

Carol Battle
From Woke to Deed:
Classroom Equity in Action

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Call for Manuscripts

Next Issue: May 2020

In order to continue the conversations and learning from CATE2020, we invite you to reflect upon your own experiences as you encouraged students to investigate texts and truths. How did students’ responses inform your teaching? What obstacles did you and they face?

Why are these “investigations” so important?

Due Date: April 1, 2020