California English Journal — November 2017

Theme: Why Do We Need Fiction?

Artist of this issue: Leslie Ann Lloyd

November 2017 Issue of California English


All The Feelings: Seeking To Understand Empathy
Rebecca Detrick

How We Learn What We Learn:
Coming-of-Age in Dickens and Hosseini
Xochitl Gilkeson

Ya Non!Fiction Graphic Books Can Nurture Empathetic Readers
Josefa Pace

Teaching Global Citizens
Marlin Roehl

Wait Time
Jonathan Lovell

Kazuo Ishiguro: Nobel Prizewinner, 2017

“Own It”: Empowering Writers Through a Community of Feedback
Mary Adler, Kim Vose, Erin Jones

Advocating for Inclusive Spaces
Glenn Morgan

California Young Readers Medal

Features and Columns

President’s Perspective: We The People

From the Editor: Why Do We Need Fiction?

Call for Manuscripts

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Call for Manuscripts

Next Issue: February 2018

Evaluating student progress is one of the most difficult aspects of teaching. Is it
possible to measure students’ understanding of a poem? This issue of California English invites you to share the tools and techniques you use to assess student learning. What kind of feedback results in continuous progress? How do you create authentic incentives that engage students in the work at hand? How have external measures influenced your classroom practice.

Due Date: January 1, 2018