California English Journal — November 2016

Theme: Speaking Their Minds

Artist of this issue: Joy Halsted

November 2016 California English


One Hundred Years of Speaking
Erik Palmer

Activating Reading: Giving Readers the Tools to See and Hear What They Read
Judy Garey

Speaking and Listening at the Core
Barbara McBride Steinberg

No Joke
Chris Paquette

Embracing the “Red-Headed Stepchildren” of the ELA Classroom: Listening and Speaking Skills
Forest Blackwelder

Olga Kokino

Speaking Their Minds
Rebecca Bowers

Freewriting Integrated with Technology (FIR): How to Enhance Critical Thinking During Freewriting with Technology and Educational Applications
Robert De France

Features and Columns

President’s Perspective: Productive Inner Dialogue

Editor’s Column: Uncommon Sense

Call for Manuscripts

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Call for Manuscripts

Next Issue: January 2017

Organizing an independent reading program can be a logistical nightmare. At the same
time, if we don’t get to independence, we are unlikely to reach proficiency. How do you make
time within your curriculum to promote and support self-selected reading? How do you hold
students accountable? Where do your students have access to books?

What motivates your students? What are the greatest challenges to making
independent reading work?

Due Date: December 1, 2016