California English Journal — November 2012

Theme: Spotlight on the Arts in Language Arts

Artist of this issue: Paul Roman Martinez

November 2012 California English journal


Making Meaning with Our Eyes
Saundra Woodruff

The Customer at the Brothel: Student Enlightenment through “Degenerate” Art
Cheryl Hogue Smith and Maya Jiménez

A Quickstart Guide to Movement and Theater Arts Instruction in the Classroom
Denise Herrera

Why Drama Deserves a Second Act in the English classroom
Glenn Morgan

Literacy instruction in kindergarten: Using the power of dramatic play
Ann C. Sharp, Deborah L. Escalante, and Genan T. Anderson

Using drama to create fictional worlds—a place for drama in the English classroom
Kevin D. Cordi

Watson and the Shark and Stag at Sharkey’s: A Three-Part Writing Assignment about Art
Carole LeCren

Is Good Teaching Crippling Our Students?
Lisa Torina

Middle School Teachers! Give Away the Ending!
Michael Ruegg

Features and Columns

President’s Perspective

Editor’s Column

Call for Manuscripts

An Esay Response to “Why do I Have to Learn This?” – an essay by George Manthey

“From Corner Office to Cormer Classroom” by Lucy Filippu (Honorable Mention)

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