California English Journal — November 2010

Theme: Never More Crucial

Artist of this issue: Magie Smith-Fleischer

California English - The quarterly journal of the California Association of Teachers of English. Vol. 16, No 2; November 2010. Never More Crucial.


Back to the Future?: The Role of Critical Thinking and High Levels of Reading Comprehension in the 21st Century
Ruth Nathan

Never More Crucial: Music in the Language Arts Class
Tony Mowrer

Harmonious Argument: Aikido in the Classroom
Teresa Rothrock

Homage to Walter Van Tilburg Clark
Marek Breiger

What’s For Dinner?
Donna Doherty

Those Who Don’t Do, Teach
Maureen Wanket

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Editor’s Column
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CATE 2011 Creative Writing Contest
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Research Update

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Next Issue: January 2011

The Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts include a list of what they call “text exemplars” — books, poems, and plays that illustrate the level of complexity and quality of the texts students should be reading. The list is expressly NOT meant to be a partial or complete reading list. Let’s expand this list. What books do you think students should be reading? Choose a work that you’ve taught or put in students’ hands that you would recommend to others and offer a rationale for its complexity and quality. Let’s put teachers’ expertise at the center of curricular development.

Due Date: December 1, 2010