California English Journal — May 2022

Theme: Sometimes It's OK to Struggle

Artist of this issue: Myra Eastman

California English, the quarterly journal of the California Association of Teachers of English. Vol. 27, No 4; May 2022. Sometimes It's OK to Struggle


Lori Campbell
Keys to the Cocoon

Shawn Peters
An Interview with the Author of The Unforgettable Logan Foster

Freedom to Teach: Against Banning Books
Equity and Diversity Column

Diane Kung
The Storytelling Project: Freedom, Flexibility, And Choice

Ronald Klemp
Slowing Down to Speed Up Understanding

Resolutions Passed by CATE, February 27, 2022

Jenn Wolfe
Finding the Scaffolding Sweet Spot

Kitty Donohoe
How Baking with My Grandfather Informed My Teaching Practice

Bob Crongeyer
Creative Book Day: From Revelation to Revolution

Adam Sprague
Student Struggle as a Result of Overteaching

Rebecca Harper
Literacy Escape Rooms

Features and Columns

President’s Perspective

From the Editor

Call for Manuscripts

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Call for Manuscripts

Next Issue: September 2022
Theme: Nurturing Confidence in Student Writers

Many young writers spend more time worrying about what to write than they actually spend writing. How do help students develop the confidence to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard? What kind of prewriting lessons stimulate student writing without creating rigid parameters around the task? Given that volume matters, how do you help students to write enough to learn to write well?

Due Date: August 1, 2022