California English Journal — May 2021

Theme: Writing In a Time of Covid

Artist of this issue: Karen Simmons

California English: Writing in a Time of Covid. The quarterly journal of the California Association of Teachers of English. Vol. 26, No 4, May 2021.


Faye Peitzman, Juliet Wahleithner, Jenn Wolfe
Virtually Full-Hearted: Writing Projects, Summer 2020

Kimberly Athans
Speculative Writing as a Habit of Mind

NCTE Annual Convention, 18-21 November 2021

Lori Campbell
Whispers of Wisdom

Chris Carranza, Kaitlin Danssaert
An Owner’s Manual for Your Brain

Melissa Wood-Glusac
Pens to the Pandemic

Jay Richards
The Path to Outrage

Kathleen Rowley
Is This Year Different? Bruh.

Dina Tsuyuki
Race, Religion and Politics: The Complexities of Being Asian

Rebecca Detrick
California Young Reader Medal

Carol Battle
Classroom Equity in Action
Equity and Diversity Column

Nuala Mary Lincke
The Village Square: A Non-Traditional Approach

The Cate Board Remembers Kermeen (Punky”) Fristrom

CATE, Long Beach, February 25-27, 2022

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Next Issue: November 2021
Theme: Popular Culture in an English Curriculum

Is there a place for popular culture in an English curriculum? How can teachers integrate the texts students are consuming outside of school with those that are traditionally found within textbooks? Can conversations about popular culture stimulate discussion around critical issues? What challenges
do these texts pose for teachers?

Due Date: October 1, 2021