California English Journal — January 2013

Theme: Keep Calm and Read On

Artist of this issue: Julie Anderson

California English - The quarterly journal of the California Association of Teachers of English. Keep Calm and Read On. Vol. 18, No 3; January 2013.


Holding on Tight to All That is Common in Our Core
Penny Kittle

Keep Calm Read On
René MacVay

The Courage to Teach
James T. Cross

Getting Past ‘No’: Acknowledging Student Resistance to Reading
Claire Ortalda

Critical Thinking and Media Literacy: Not Just a PowerPoint Presentation
Sheila Benson and Meadow Graham

Looking for Loveliness: Success and Failure in the Inner-City School
Thomas Roddy

Wordsworth Lights the Way
Brandy Price

Clinging to Shakespeare: A Desperate Parent’s Reading of Romeo and Juliet
Kate Flowers

The Turtle and the Hare
Jenny Lambert

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President’s Perspective
Editor’s Column
Call for MSS
2013-14 Professional Writing Contest
CATE2013 Details and Program
Creative Writing Contest Winners
Oh Freedom! On-line Conference

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Next Issue: May 2013

Teachers sacrifice swathes of their lives to grading papers yet student writing often doesn’t seem to improve. What kind of feedback do you employ that actually makes a difference in terms of student performance? What kinds of responses or procedures help students reflect upon their work and revise effectively? Let’s put our heads together as professionals and share best practices for feedback that matters.

Due Date: April 1, 2013