California English Journal — February 2020

Theme: Teaching Social Emotional Skills Through Literature

Artist of this issue: Charlotte True

California English magazine


Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey
Social & Emotional Learning in the English Classroom

Aeriale Johnson
Simple Gifts

Gholdy Muhammad
Restoring Equity and Excellence in Today’s Classrooms

Jessica Lingenfelter
Teaching Social Skills Through Free Choice Reading

Bill Younglove
Self-fulfilling Prophecy?

R. Joseph Rodriguez
Poem: Into the Fields: Mendota, California

Uchicago Consortium
Supporting Social, Emotional, & Academic Development

Glenda Funk
Why We Read: A Narrative Arc for Sel

Nicole Mirra
Educating For Empathy: Winner of the NCTE David H. Russell Award for Distinguished Research

Annie Gervais
From Woke to Deed: Classroom Equity in Action

Lynn Horn
Individualized Learning

Book Review
Dewey Fairchild: Sibling Problem Solver by Lorri Horn

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President’s Perspective

Editor’s Column

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Call for Manuscripts

Next Issue: May 2020

In order to continue the conversations and learning from CATE2020, we invite you to reflect upon your own experiences as you encouraged students to investigate texts and truths. How did students’ responses inform your teaching? What obstacles did you and they face?

Why are these “investigations” so important?

Due Date: April 1, 2020