California English Journal — February 2019

Theme: Voices of Literacy in Pursuit of Human Rights

Artist of this issue: Susan J. Osborn

California English Feb. 2019


Apathy, Empathy, Repeat
Rebecca J. Detrick

Teaching Writing Better By Design: The Six Academic Writing Assignments
Jim Burke

Literacy: Leaning In To Others
Heather Dean

With Eyes No Longer Blind
Kate Flowers

Cate Ballot 2019

Cate 2019: Conference Schedule

Emotional Scaffolding: Creating Safe Spaces For Voice
Jenn Wolfe

Four Poems
R. Joseph Rodriguez

Rethinking Shakespeare’s Fivehact Structure
B.H. James

Cate 2018 Creative Writing Contest Winners

Graphic Justice: Teaching Social Justice Through Novels
Robert De France and Jennifer Naumann

Cate 2019

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Next Issue: May 2019
Theme: Write Now!

In order to write effectively, students need to become adept at marshaling appropriate
evidence and presenting that evidence in a manner their audience will find both compelling
and convincing. How do you help students acquire this skill? How do you employ writing in
your own life?
What mentor texts have you found valuable for modeling powerful writing? Our theme
echoes that of the Asilomar 68 conference.

Due Date: April 1, 2019