California English Journal — September 2015

Artist of this issue: Amy Bouse

September 2015 Issue of California English


Beyond Facilitation: Inspiring Students in the Online English Classroom
Meredith DeCosta, Stephanie Palenque, Jan Wakefield, Rebecca Foy, Laura Walker

Let Them Have Laptops
Jen Roberts

Developing Academic Technology Skills with WebQuests
Mira Pak

Safety and Silence in a Shakespearean Space
Cheryl Hogue Smith

Art Experienced and Lived: Building a Spoken Word Community
Maureen Wanket

Moving Beyond the 4 x 4 Classroom
Kelly Gallagher

The Gatsby Revisions: Writing Lessons from F. Scott Fitzgerald
Tom Newkirk

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CATE 2015-2016 Creative Writing Contest

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Editor’s Column

Book Review: Leon Patterson: A California Story
by Gerald Haslam with Janice Haslam
Reviewed by Marek Breiger

CATE 2016: Inspiring Literate Lives

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Call for Manuscripts

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Although the Common Core calls for narrative as one of the three types of required writing, the practice of having students write fictional stories seems to be falling by the wayside. In our urgency to prepare students for college and career are we forgetting about educating their imaginations? What might be lost if students neglect their storytelling skills? How do you integrate the writing of fiction, poetry, and drama into your curriculum? How do you assess and/or celebrate these products of students’ imaginations?

Due Date: October 1, 2015