California English Journal — September 2011

Artist of this issue: Joe Crosetto

September 2011 California English


Will Pottermore Let Readers Create More?
Meredith Stewart

Drawing Them In:  Graphic Novels in the Classroom
Kim Douillard

Upon a Modern Peak in Darien
James Cross

Teacher as Reformer: Endorsing the Need for Critical Thinking
Karen Yelton-Curtis

Casting A Spell: Nostalgia for a Vanished Age
Amanda Neill

Preparing Readers for Secondary School Reading: Where Accelerated Reader Points Fall Short
Kate Ginno

Lonesome Traveler: The Great American Loneliness
Marek Breiger


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President’s Perspective

Editor’s Column

Call for Manuscripts

Carrie Danielson’s Speech at

CATE 2011

CETA Fall Conference

CATE 2011-12 Creative Writing Contest

CATE Professional Writing Contest Winner

Book Review: Reading the Past, Writing the Future: A Century of American Literacy Education and the National Council of Teachers of English, by Erika Lindemann. Reviewed by Bill Younglove

Research Update

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