California English Journal — September 2008


Artist of this issue: Ari Targownik

September 2008 California English


Using the ERWC Assignment Template
– John R. Edlund

Rhetoric and Current Events: The ‘Rich Talk’ Project
– Holly Ciotti

Rhetoric Rising: New Directions in Teaching High School
– English Jennifer Fletcher and Marcy Merrill

The Jewels of ERWC Instruction
– Loretta Bernasconi

Five Paragraphs Aren’t Funny: A Case for Humor in the Nonfiction Curriculum
– Eileen O’Neill Guerard

Features and Columns

Editor’s Column

President’s Perspective

Call for Manuscripts

CATE 2009 Speakers

CATE 2009

CATE 2008 Professional Writing Contest prompt

CATE 2008 Creative Writing Contest 7th-8th Grade winner “Silent” by Haleigh Wayman

CATE 2008 Creative Writing Contest 11th-12th Grade winner “To Those Who Didn’t Know” by Teresa Attridge

Book Review: Effective Instruction by Jim Burke, reviewed by Lisa Davidson

CATE 2008 Creative Writing Contest College category winner “9-1-1” by Vanessa Pike-Vrtiak

CATE 2008 Creative Writing Contest 5th-6th Grade winner “They Walked Alone” by Lauren Weiser

CATE 2008 Creative Writing Contest 9th-10th Grade winner “Cleaning Up” by Pavlina Crowley

CATE Creative Writing Contest 3rd-4th Grade winner Shelby Vexler

Book Review: Historic Photos of Los Angeles by Dana Lombardy, reviewed by Bruno Spalazzi

Research Update by Barbara Bartholomew

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