California English Journal — November 2013

Theme: Creating a Community of Writers

Artist of this issue: Denise Tverdoch

California English November 2013


Collegial Collaboration: We Need a Retention Model
Susan Minnicks

David Cicoletti

Content, Form, Balance, and Training Wheels
Tim Dewar

Digital Writing: The Public Act of Our Private Lives
Brian Kelley

The New Normal 
Kathleen Ann Gonzalez

Why Write?
Laurie Stowell

No Chutes, Just Ladders: Unraveling the Startling Complexity of Teaching Writing
Brandy Price

Remarks for Don Rothman Memorial, UCSC, 24 January 26, 2013
Jonathan Lovell

I Teach, Therefore I Surf 
Erika Cobain

Features and Columns

President’s Perspective

Editor’s Column

Call for Manuscripts

CATE 2014 Convention, San Diego

CATE Creative Writing Contest Winners

The Mystery Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey by Celine Cen

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