California English Journal — November 2008


Artist of this issue: Devin Cecil-Wishing

November 2008 California English


What is the Work of a Literacy Coach? – An introduction
– Carrie Usui

The Projects: Education Under Construction with UCLA’s Literacy and Leadership Partners
– Erin Powers

Write Like Crazy and Personal Growth: What’s the Difference?
– Susan Strauss

The Five W’s of Literacy Coaching: Who? What? When? Where? Why?
– Jane Wiedlea Koehler

Who Coaches the Coach? A Teacher/Educator Tries to Practice what She Teaches
– Rebecca Joseph

Open Your Minds, Hearts and Classrooms: An Instructional Coach’s Plea
– Tanya Akopoff

The Classroom Coach
– Rebecca Alber

Literacy Coaching at Lincoln High School
– Glenn Morgan

The One Who Got Away
– Maureen Wanket

Enhancing the Implementation of a Reading/Writing Intervention through Literacy Coaching
– Carol Booth Olson and Robert Land

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