California English Journal — November 2007


Artist of this issue: Ann Marie Ferreira

California English November 2007


Teaching Shakespeare: The “Acting” is the Thing!
– Jeffrey S. Kaplan

“From Page to Stage, Bringing Shakespeare to Life
– Sharon King

Enacting the Shakespearean Sonnet
– Chon Lee

Teaching Shakespeare to Native American Students
Jerry Cronin

Creating a Dialogue with Shakespeare’s Sonnets
– Kathy Ho and Donna Carpenter

The Shakespeare We Need
– Matthew D. Brown

Shakespeare in the Special Education Classroom
Amanda von Kleist

A Creative Approach to Standardized Assessment
– Hazel Kight Witham

What can standardized tests tell us that authentic writing cannot?
Marcy E. Merrill

Chop Wood, Carry Water
– Thomas Roddy

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Call for Manuscripts

Amendments to the Bylaws of California Association of Teachers of English

California Young Reader Medal Award Winners for 2006-2007

Let Your Voice Be Heard-Call for Resolutions

Research Update by Barbara Bartholomew

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