California English Journal — June 2010

Theme: Letters to a Young Teacher

Artist of this issue: Ambrose Delfino

June 2010 California English


Letter to a Young Teacher: Go Forth and Teach
by Erika Daniels

Letter to a Young Teacher
by Adrianna Gervais

Teacher, Teacher, I Declare
Please Take Help from Anywhere

by Maria Shreve

Letter to a Young Teacher
by Thomas Roddy

I Hope (My Wishes for You)
A poem by Laurie Stowell

Because I Am a Teacher
by Jane Hancock

Welcome to the Profess…
by Bill Younglove

Mrs. Reyes at Delta Sierra Middle School
A poem by Maria Sanchez

Accelerated Reader: A Disincentive to Life-Long Readers
by Derek Boucher

Reading Langston Hughes
by Jennifer McCormick

A Tale of Three Students:
Meditations on My Craft in Dark Days

by James Prothero

Teaching the Universe of Discourse
by Chuck Dowdle

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President’s Perspective

Editor’s Column

Call for Manuscripts

California Young Reader Medal

CATE Professional Writing Contest

Asilomar 59

Research Update: Navigating the Waters

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