California English Journal — February 2015

Theme: Rekindling the Love of Reading

Artist of this issue: Carole Spence

California English February 2015


They Read What They Need: Lessons from the Secret Reading Lives of Teens
Jeffrey D. Wilhelm and Michael W. Smith

Walls Become Worlds
Sarah Avanessian

A Five-Foot Shelf: Creating a New Generation of Readers
Holly Fowler

The Sounding of the Novel
Blake Bowers

Three Books Changed Everything
Sarah R. Todd

By an Iraqi Countryside In a Time of Violence: Brian Turner’s Memoir – My Life as a Foreign Country
Stephanie Paterson

Reading Beyond the Classroom
Martha M. Rios

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Call for Manuscripts

CATE2015 Sessions and Presenters

Book Review (Marek Breiger): In Thought and Action: The Enigmatic Life of S.I. Hayakawa by Gerald and Jan Haslam

CATE 2014-2015 Creative Writing Contest

CATE 2015

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