California English Journal — February 2009

Artist of this issue: Lynda Nugent

February 2009 California English


by Chuck Dowdle

by Rebecca Constantino

How to be a Positive Deviant
by Thomas Roddy, Jr.

Let’s Teach Content Outrageously –
It’s Legal, Effective, and Wonderful

by Stanley Pogrow

Podcasting: Scaffolding Conceptual
Understanding in Writing

by Mira Pak

Features and Columns

President’s Perspective

Editor’s Column

Call for Manuscripts

CATE 2009

National English Honor Society

Book Review: Strange Bedfellows by Carol Rawlings Miller,
reviewed by Meredith DeCosta

Book Review: Appeals in Modern Rhetoric: An Ordinary-Language Approach by Jimmie Killingsworth, reviewed by Donald Kraemer

CATE 2009 Creative Contest Winners

Research Update

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