California English Journal — April 2016

Theme: Close Reading: What It Is and What It Is Not

Artist of this issue: Kuzana Ogg

April 2016 Issue of California English


Together is Better: Effective Close Reading of Nonfiction Texts
Ruth Nathan & Julie Minnis

OZYMANDIAS: The Poem We Teach and the Poem Shelley Wrote
Jonathan Lovell

Close Reading: Supporting an Engaging Reading Environment
Jeannine Ugalde

The Forest for the Trees
Lori Campbell

Creating and Dealing with Controversy in the Classroom
Tisha Ulmer, Maria Bartolomeo & Lisa Paler

Close Reading: From Slot Machine to Poker
Ninetta Papadomichelaki & Lash Keith Vance

Features and Columns

President’s Perspective: Speaking and listening – the neglected literacy standards

From the Editor: Close Readings of Complex Visual Texts

Call for Manuscripts

CATE Creative Writing Contest Winners 2015-2016

CATE 2016 Elections

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Call for Manuscripts

Next Issue: September 2016

Accommodating a broad array of students in the same classroom can be difficult even under the best of circumstances. Have you seen evidence of a “contraction to the middle” in your own teaching or as a result of emphasis on raising test scores? Are your gifted students’ needs being met? Is it too much to ask of teachers to try to tailor assignments for so many? How do you differentiate instruction for the most advanced students in your class? What are some qualities of successful assignments aimed at differentiation?

Due Date: August 1, 2016