California English Journal — April 2010


Artist of this issue: Peggy Albers

April 2010 California English


Moving into Shakespeare: Using Kinesthetic Activities to Teach Shakespearean Text
by Mary G. Powell

Breaking It Down: Teaching Meta-Knowing in the English Classroom
by Carla Hanson

The Taming of the Script 
by Michael Flachmann

Using the Arts to Fend off Alliteracy
by Kjersti VanSlyke-Briggs

We DO Write Essays at Community Day School
by Maria Shreve

The Perversity of the Basic Writer
by Cheryl Hogue Smith

Features and Columns

President’s Perspective

Editor’s Column

Call for Manuscripts

CATE 2010 and 2011

CATE 2010 Resolutions

Research Update

Winners of the CATE Creative Writing Contest:

  • My Brother Tyler by Amanda Clopine (Grades 3-4)
  • My Other Worlds by Maren Peterson (Grades 11-12)
  • Uncanny Friends by Haley Berner (Grades 9-10)
  • A Painted Vision of Myself by Chloe Reiman (Grades 7-8)
  • A Brief Literary Interlude by Steve Rodriguez (Professional)
  • Far Away, But Closer Than Ever by Kirby Anne Falk (Grades 5-6)

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