California English Journal — April 2009

Theme: Pulling It All Together

Artist of this issue: Lorrie Fink

April 2009 California English


Under Construction
by Kathleen Cecil

Talking in Class Builds English Learners’ Proficiency
by Donna Ross and Douglas Fisher

Collaborating to Succeed with Texts
by Laurie Hagberg

The Art of Teaching and the Healing Power of Writing
by Carol Booth Olson

Fear Is a Good Thing: Activating Schema
by Steve Rodriguez

Portfolios: Some Kind of Experience
by Pauline Sahakian

How the California Standards Tests Magnify
(and Perpetuate) the Achievement Gap

by Steven Weinberg and Georganne Ferrier

How to Plan a Retreat with Your Colleagues
by Tom Gage

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President’s Perspective

Editor’s Column

Call for Manuscripts

CATE Professional Writing Contest

CATE Annual Awards

CATE Ballot

Research Update

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