California English Journal — April 2008


Artist of this issue: Karen Hansen

April 2008 California English


Differentiated Instruction: the New and Not So New
– Barbara King-Shaver

Teaching the Curriculum with our Students in Mind: The Crucial Intersection
– Ruth Nathan

Why “Why Johnny Can’t Write” is Wrong
Donald J. Kraemer

Can All Students Learn? YES.
Do Teachers Play the Key Role? YES.

– Laurie Hagberg

Differentiated Instruction for English Learners
– Magaly Lavadenz and Elvira Armas

Once a Luddite. Always a Luddite
Thomas Roddy, Jr.

Literature in Peace and War:
Reflections on the Call for Manuscripts

– Benoît d’Oloron

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President’s Perspective

Editor’s Column

Call for Manuscripts

California Young Reader Medal Winners for 2006-2007

Book Review: New Directions in Teaching Memoir: A studio workshop approach by Dawn Latta Kirby and Dan Kirby. Reviewed by Lisa Davidson

CATE Ballot

Research Update by Barbara Bartholomew

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