California English Journal — April 2014

Theme: Fostering Creativity in a Time of Standards

Artist of this issue: Tony Fulwiler

April 2014 California English journal


Grading Grading
Mark Manasse

A Clean, Clear View
Stefanie Elwood

Changing the Conversation: Observation as a Collaborative Process
Jaclyn Smith

The Messy Pursuit of Rigor and Relevance
Steve Rodriguez

Beyond the Bubble: Piloting a National Writing Project Prompt
Maria Shreve

Learning the Power of Quiet Encouragement
Michael Ruegg

Letters about Literature
Kimberley Gilles

Features and Columns

President’s Perspective

Editor’s Column

Call for Manuscripts

CATE Ballot

CATE Professional Creative Writing Contest

CATE Contest Winners:

“Promise in the Chicken Coop” by Kseniya Belysheva

“Paying it Forward Around the World” by Sangeetha Bharath

“Nineteen Hours” by Samantha Shieh

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