California English Journal — April 2012

Artist of this issue: Juliet Jamieson

April 2012 California English journal


The Power of Teacher-Driven Professional Development
Michelle Muncey-Silva and Megan Muñoz

Is It Something in the Water? The Persistent Influences of Donald Graves, Donald Murray and Thomas Newkirk
Kathleen Dudden Rowlands

Good Guidance from Within
Gail Nettels

Teaching: A Profession for the Inept?
Brandy Price

My Writing Home – The Great Valley Writing Project
Maria Shreve

Professional Development: Avoiding the Wither
Stefanie Elwood

Linking Literacy Goals to Professional Development
Emily Fuller-Gibson

The Very Best
Laurie Kurnick

A Community of Learners: Teachers Teaching Teachers
Jaclyn Walker


Features and Columns

President’s Perspective

Editor’s Column

Call for Manuscripts

CATE Ballot

National Writing Project

CATE Professional Writing Contest

Research Update

CATE Creative Writing Contest Winner

“Lamentation” by Lisa Maillard

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