Pre-Convention by the California Writing Project

CATE 2023 Monterey: March 3-5, 2023

Sea Changes: Traditions and Transformations in California English Language Arts


a sea change: noun

a striking change, as in appearance, often for the better; a radical change or transformation; a transformation brought about by the sea; used by Shakespeare in The Tempest.

Charting New Waters: Writing in a Post-Pandemic World

Come to experience CWP’s amazing teacher-leaders, a keynote address, and the time to share ideas.

A word chart using California Writing Project chapters in the shape of ocean waves

Poetry in Times of Uncertainty: Healing from the Past and Charting the Future

Morning Keynote Speaker: Brynn Saito

Brynn Saito is a poet, organizer, and Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and English at California State University, Fresno. She is the author of two books of poetry, Power Made Us Swoon (2016) and The Palace of Contemplating Departure (2013), winner of the Benjamin Saltman Award from Red Hen Press and a finalist for the Northern California Book Award.

Experience three rounds of resource- and strategy-packed workshops led by CWP teacher leaders that focus on, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • Using writing to address issues of racial and environmental justice
  • Unleashing the power of writing for self-care
  • Growing students’ civic engagement by inviting them to research issues within their community and to propose solutions
  • Developing students’ abilities to present arguments and use evidence: in discussion and debate, in print and online, in school and in the community
  • Supporting student interaction with challenging texts, perspectives, and issues through strategic use of print, digital, and multimodal sources
  • Tapping into digital tools that enrich teaching, writing, and learning
  • Connecting student interests and social engagement to academic studies, civic participation, college preparation, and career opportunity
  • Assessing writing in ways that inspire student reflection, persistence, and improvement
Brynn Saito

Morning coffee/tea and luncheon will be provided.

Preconvention registration is a part of Package A or Package C, or can be chosen as an “a la carte” item.