Virginia Reid Scholarship

The Virginia Reid Scholarship recognizes excellent beginning elementary teachers who are CATE members and encourages them to further their professional involvement in CATE by providing non-member registration and all convention meals at an annual CATE Convention.

The California Association of Teachers of English is proud to congratulate and honor the following award winners:

2018 Award

Hannah Cook, Sacred Heart School, Coronado

2017 Award

Gina Sciarrillo, Adda Clevenger School, San Francisco

2012 Award

America Vasquez, SCTE, Fairhaven Elementary School, Orange

2011 Award

Breanne Romano, CCCTE, William Burnett Elementary School, Milpitas

2009 Award

Yessinia Oroxco, SCTE, Major Lynn Mokler School, Paramount

2008 Award

Elizabeth Keenan, FACET, Cesar Chavez Elementary School, Madera

2007 Award

Vivian Cabrales, CCCTE, Christopher Elementary School, San Jose

2006 Award

Marissa Ochoa

2004 Award

Shelley Vizcarra, Pinedale Elementary School, Fresno

2003 Award

Jabari Anderson, E. Morris Cox Elementary School, Oakland