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Winter (Nov.) 2011 Contents

Time, Rigorous Examiner of the Evergreen Idea
H.J. ("Hank") Klein

Scaffolding Academic Skills for the Long-Term
English Learner’s Advancement

Michelle Muncy Silva and Megan Muñoz

Well Spoken
Erik Palmer  

Annie Dillard’s Notes to Young Writers and
The Writing Life

Scott Peterson  

Transforming Young Writers’ Attitudes toward Writing and Becoming Writers
Matthew Brown, Jodene Morrell, Kathleen Rowlands   

Strength of Character: Inclusion of LGBT Characters
in YA Novels

Callie Ryan Brimberry  

(In)Formative Assessment: The Key to Accountability
Bill Younglove  

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President’s Perspective

Editor's Column

Call for Manuscripts

Vive La Différence?

CATE Professional Writing Contest

Research Update

Winter 2011

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