California English Journal


March 2010 Contents


New Life for Local Poetry: Modeling Hometown Poets
by Cathy Blanchfield

California Dreaming: Teaching the Literature of the
Golden State

by Pete Barraza

Five Weeks, Five Essays, Two Grades
and a New Perspective

by Deborah Lapp

Using Funny in Farsi to Engage Student Writers
by Glenn Morgan

Seeking a Newer World: Harte, Sarovian and Steinbeck
by Joe Perez

A Project About a Community:
William Saroyan’s Human Comedy

by Cathy Cirimele

An Idiosyncratic California Reader
by Steve Tollefson

Gerald Haslam’s Many Californias
by Marek Breiger

Teacher Plans in the Aftermath of the Space Shuttle
Challenger Disaster

by Todd Finley & Stephanie West-Puckett

Features and Columns

President’s Perspective

Editor’s Column

Call for Manuscripts

Letter to the Editor

CATE Ballot

Reconcilable Differences (a
response to Doug Lassen)

March 2010

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