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September 2009 Contents

When Digital Natives Hate Technology
by Pamela Coke

Twenty-First-Century Writing/Twentieth Century Teachers?
by Ian Barnard

Why Online?
by Carol Good

A Lesson in Code Switching
a poem by Teresa Chuc Dowell

Using Chat Rooms as a Tool for Classroom Discussion
by Meredith Stewart

Ning-ing My Way towards Making Peace with Technology
by Kristen Norton

Techno-Literacy: A Boon for Writing Instruction in the Classroom
by Anthony Pennay

Times, They Are A-Changin’:
by Lorna Gonzalez

Twitterdee, twitterdumb
by Shelbie Witte

Cutting Keystrokes, Improving Communications: Response Technologies for Writing Instruction
by Scott Warnock

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California English Journal September 2009

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