California English Journal


November 2009 Contents

Improving Students’ Academic Writing
by Jayne Marlink

Homage to the California Writing Project
by Marek Breiger

When Teachers Read: How the Writing Project Made Me a Lifelong Learner
by Liz Harrington

Working Together
by Cathy Cirimele

One Time at Writing Camp
by Sam Patterson

Culture of Collaboration: The Writing Project's Role across the Segments
by Deborah Lapp

Redefining Text, Redefined Me
by Belinda Foster

That's Right. Thirty-Six Hours
by Diana Jiménez and Diane Shaw

Teaching Labs and Teacher-Leaders
by Michael Weller

Features and Columns

President’s Perspective

Editor’s Column

Call for Manuscripts

CATE 2010

CATE Creative Writing Contest

Research Update

California English Journal November 2009

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