September 2022 Issue

Due Date: August 1, 2022

Nurturing Confidence in Student Writers

Many young writers spend more time worrying about what to write than they actually spend writing. How do help students develop the confidence to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard? What kind of prewriting lessons stimulate student writing without creating rigid parameters around the task? Given that volume matters, how do you help students to write enough to learn to write well?


November 2022 Issue

Due Date: October 1, 2022


Attempts to ban books have reached their highest level since the American Library Association began tracking book challenges 20 years ago. Most of the targeted books were by or about Black or LGBTQ people. How has the climate of curtailment affected your curricular decisions? How are you helping students to think about their right to read? Why are particular books or particular kinds of books so important for students to read?

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