May 17 and 18, 2003
Radisson Hotel, Sunnyvale

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 A.M. by President Anna Roseboro, and introductions were made. Other members in attendance included Member at Large Kathy Allen, Central Representative Michelle Berry, GSDCTE Representative Phil Bowles, California Department of Education Representative Beth Breneman (Saturday only), CATE 2004 Chair Oscar Browne, Capitol Representative Angus Dunstan, Member at Large Bob Chapman, Member at Large Pat Ellis, Treasurer Anne Fristrom, Convention Coordinator Punky Fristrom, Member at Large Lorraine Garcia, Kern Representative Randy Hamm for Claudia Keith, Upper Representative Teisha Hase, Secretary Carleen Hemric, CALIFORNIA ENGLISH Editor Carol Jago, Member at Large Cheryl Joseph, Member at Large Olga Kokino, Resolutions Chair Jim Kliegl, FACET Representative Janeen Langenheim, CATE 2003 Chair Carole LeCren, Vice President Akiko Morimoto, California Writing Project Liasion Faith Nitschke, Past President Aaron Spain, Membership Chair Linda Stockton, TUCATE Representative Carol Surabian, Redwood Representative Cheryl White, Member at Large Joan Williams, Member at Large Bill Younglove, and leadership guests Jenny McBride from Redwood and Stacy Darter from FACET. Absent:Kern Representative Claudia Keith, Policy/Legislative Chair Don Mayfield, Southland Representative Maureen Rippee, and Member at Large Lorraine Tracey,
Morimoto moved and Langenheim seconded the approval of the February 13, 2003 minutes. MOTION PASSED.
White moved and Berry seconded the approval of the agenda. MOTION PASSED
PRESIDENT - Roseboro thanked Carole LeCren and the Convention Committee for the very successful CATE 2003. Several award winners called or emailed their appreciation.. She thanked the council representatives for agreeing to have their meeting on Saturday night rather than Friday in our efforts to save money. CATE Resolutions have been sent to everyone designated on our lists. Chancellor Charles Reed of the California State University and President Richard Atkinson have responded. From the correspondence letters were read from those college presidents regarding our resolutions. Janice Albert who writes the California Authors column for CALIFORNIA ENGLISH has requested that CATE serve as a sponsoring organization for a LEF grant to support her continued research on California authors.
VICE PRESIDENT - Morimoto reported the items discussed at the teleconference Advisory meeting, including preparation of the proposed CATE budget. She shared the CATE-Central welcome to NCTE 2003 attendees. Brochures and a list of major authors were shared. California Showcase authors include Millie Lee, Gail Tsukiyama, and Susan Vreeland. Morimoto proposed a calendar for next year's Board meetings: October 4-5-Oakland; February 5-8-San Diego.

PAST PRESIDENT - Spain moved and Morimoto seconded that CATE submit the name of Gary Thomas to NCTE for the NCTE Classroom Excellence Award. MOTION PASSED. Classroom Excellence Award Nominations (one person per affiliate) may be submitted to NCTE.
Jago will submit the February 2003 issue of CALITORNIA ENGLISH, and Jordan is offering CATEWeb for competition consideration.
The NCTE Regions 1, 3, 7, and 8 Affiliate Leadership meeting is scheduled for August 8-10 in Las Vegas. Jago will attend as a member of the NCTE Standing Committee on Affiliates. P. Fristrom moved and Spain seconded to table discussion and nominations until budget discussions. MOTION PASSED.
Hase nominated and White seconded naming Jenny McBride as CATE's candidate for the NCTE Leadership Award. MOTION PASSED.
Fristrom moved and LeCren seconded certification of the election of the following officers: Membership Chair - Chiyo Masuda; Secretary - Carleen Hemric; Member at Large Small Councils - Bob Chapman, Member at Large - Large Councils Elizabeth McAninch - Member at Large - Unspecified Joanne Mitchell and Council Representatives Charleen Delfino, Central; Angus Dunstan - Capitol; Janeen Langenheim - FACET; Phil Bowles - GSDCTE; Claudia Keith - Kern; Cheryl White, Redwood;; Catherine Linn - Southland; Carol Surabian - TUCATE and Teisha Hase - Upper. MOTION PASSED.
The group suggested that ballots be carefully proofread and adequate time allowed between receipt and return.

Nominations for CATE's Distinguished Service Award must be made at the September meeting. Spain will contact past presidents for nominations during the summer.

Future NCTE Conventions include San Francisco - 2003; Indianapolis - 2004; Pittsburgh - 2005, and Nashville - 2006.
SECRETARY - Hemric reminded Board members to submit directory updates.

TREASURER'S REPORT - A. Fristrom reported a Checking Account balance of $7,899.92 a Savings Account 1 balance of $15,596.17, a Savings Account 2 balance of $40,925.81, a Memorial CD balance of $11, 665.09, a Marilyn Kahl Memorial CD balance of $6,172.41, a Vanguard GNMA Portfolio of $125,868.00, and a Vanguard Index Trust of $22,244.09. A Vanguard Value Index Fund of $16,637.51 was transferred to the Checking Account.
MEMBERSHIP CHAIR - Stockton reported that current membership totals are Capitol -112, Central - 783, Fresno - 52, Kern - 35, Redwood - 36, San Diego - 294, Southland -697, TUCATE - 49, Upper - 45, Libraries - 28, Out-of-state - 33, and Comps - 2 for a total of 2166. Three hundred fifty eight memberships came in from the convention, and $821 in merchandise was sold. Rosters and bad address lists are available for council representatives.

CATE 2003 - LeCren shared a very comprehensive report including attendees' responses to questions concerning publicity, funding, years of attendance at CATE, reasons for attending, session and other event evaluations, ideas and requests for future speakers and presentations, recommendations and calendar for future conventions. The convention cleared at least $30,000.
CONVENTION 2004 - Browne reported that the theme would be Yesterday's Language, Today's Literature, Tomorrow's Legacy. Confirmed speakers include Michael Chabon, Judith Ortiz Cofer (partially supported by Prentice Hall), Gail Tsukiyama, and possibly Sharon Flake and Maxine Hong Kingston. Committee chairs are being recruited.
NAPA CONFERENCE - Hase, White, Berry, and Dunstan (online) reported that the Napa Conference was very successful with 120 enthusiastic attendees and very interesting, informative sessions. Forty-seven new members joined or renewed.


CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION REPORT - Breneman reported that carryover funds from Schiff Bustamante funding can be used to purchase instructional materials on the Annotated List of AB219 Language Arts Adopted Programs. Districts may continue to use materials adopted under the AB219 adoption and count those as standards aligned for the purpose of the new IMFRP (Instructional Materials Funding Realignment Program) through June, 2004.
AB1781 established the IMFRAP that, starting with the 2002-03 fiscal year, takes the place of the K-8 Instructional Materials Fund, the 9-12 Instructional Materials Fund, and Schiff-Bustamante Standards-Aligned Instructional Materials Fund, K-12. The funds appropriated in the 2002-2003 budget to be used for the purposes of this bill have been reduced from $400 million to $297 million following the mid-year budget cuts. The State Board of Education adopted permanent regulations at its May meeting. The regulations give specific information on the purchasing requirements for the IMFRP.
Spanish alternate formats of Houghton-Mifflin's Reading: A Legacy of Literacy K-6, and SRA/McGraw Hill's SRA/Open Court Reading K-12 have been reviewed and approved, and the components are listed on the CDE price list\website. The Learning Resources Display Centers have these Spanish alternate format materials on display. McDougal Littell has several components of its program translated as well. The Grade 6-8 program review should be completed by July 2003.
More comprehensive versions of the content standards in Spanish are under development by the CDE. At this point they are available in English only.
It is likely that there will be sufficient funding for AB466 funding for math and reading professional development
Reading First is a key feature of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Policy regarding the eligibility of Proposition 227 waivered classrooms for Reading First funding has changed. Previous restrictions on the number/ratio of classrooms and waivers for primary language instruction have been eliminated. Schools with waiver classrooms, no matter what the percentage, are not excluded from eligibility. Any K-3 classroom in an eligible school may be part of the district's application provided that the classroom is implementing one hour in kindergarten or 2.5 hours per instructional day in grades 1-3 of a state-adopted reading program in English. Emergency regulations have been approved and permanent regulations proposed by the State Board of Education that restrict participation to classrooms that meet the English reading time requirements. Waivered classrooms that do not meet the English reading time requirement are not allowed to receive Reading First funds or Reading First training. Seventy-four districts have now been approved for Reading First grants. Grant awards have been distributed to the first round and will go out to second round awardees in late May and June.
The May Revise cuts funding for Support for Secondary Schools in Reading (SSSR) . To find out the status of county-led professional development in reading in grades 4-12, contact the representative in your region. West Ed and CDE are collaborating on a written report about the impact of the program.
Schools sought out for their focus on reading/writing/research across the curriculum, reading interventions, libraries, and other safety nets for students at risk include: Antioch High School, Antioch Unified; Newark Junior High School, Newark Unified; San Mateo Union High School District; Firebaugh High School, Firebaugh-Las Deltas Unified, Golden Valley High School, Merced Union High School District; Artesia High School, ABC Unified; Clark Middle School, San Diego Unified; Hoover High School, San Diego Unified, Mission Bay High School, San Diego Unified; and Preuss Model School at UCSD, San Diego Unified.
A new content literacy document, Strategic Science Teaching, Grades K-12: A Sampler of Science Lessons Connecting Literature with the California Standards ($15.00 per copy) is available for science teachers through the leadership of the California County Superintendents Educational Services Associations science community.
The Recommended Literature: Kindergarten through Grade Twelve List is available on the CDE website. Seventy recent award-winning titles have been added to the online version.
The line item for school libraries has been reinstated in the May Revise with an allocation of $4,000,000, about $1.00 per child.
A new library website has links to back lists of CYRM titles as well as a host of other literature resource lists.
The Science and Mathematics Literature List, Literature for Science and Mathematics: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve, a collection of outstanding science and mathematics-related literature for children and adolescents, is now on-line.
The Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO) conducted a study of CAHSEE and found: development of the CAHSEE meets all the required professional testing standards for use as a graduation test; CAHSEE has led to dramatically increased coverage of the California Content Standards at the high school and middle schools levels and to development of new courses to provide help for student who have difficulty mastering these standards; many courses of initial instruction and remedial courses only have limited effectiveness in helping students master the required standards; many students placed in supplemental and remedial standards-based courses also would benefit from instruction in the prerequisite skills needed for success in these courses; and many factors suggest that the effectiveness of standards-based instruction will improve for each succeeding class after the Class of 2004.
The California Department of Education (CDE) announces the availability of the Fact Book 2003 Handbook of Education Information on the Internet CDE's website (
LEGISLATIVE REPORT - Zaragoza-Diaz provided a digest of Senate and Assembly bills being considered concerning accountability-assessment, class size reduction, instructional materials, teacher credentialing, school finance, and public education governance, and a list of Across the Board Reductions proposed for the 2003-04 Budget. She also provided highlights of the May 7-8 State Board of Education meeting.
CALIFORNIA ENGLISH - Jago reported that the February issue of CALIFORNIA ENGLISH focusing on vocabulary attracted a large number of outstanding manuscripts and has been submitted to NCTE for consideration for the Affiliate Journal Award. Her conference session on writing for publication attracted a new group of reviewers. The June issue on Writing Instruction Revisited has attracted many submissions from university instructors. It will feature the art of Amy Mayfield, Don Mayfield's daughter, who has been accepted at the Chicago Art Institute. Future calls for manuscripts include: September, 2003 (deadline - June 15) - Books for Boys; November, 2003 (deadline - September 15) - International Education.
CALIFORNIA WRITING PROJECT - Nitschke reported that CRLP leadership had appreciated CATE's resolution supporting subject matter projects. Several documents are available for members today - a Because Writing Matters flyer, a flyer for the October 3-4 CWP Conference in Sacramento, and a National Commission on Writing document. Presenters are being lined up for the CATE 2004 pre-conference. The writing project sites are collecting material on the four writing domains tested in current California tests.
CALIFORNIA READING AND LITERATURE PROJECT - Jago reported that the project continues to try to provide professional development.
CATE WEBMASTER L .Jordan noted on-line that over 400 photos were taken at CATE 2003 for the photo journal. They will be maintained in an easily accessible archive. A proposal was submitted through the Publications Committee for a password protected area on CATEweb and to add a moderated listserv for CATE general membership. He requested a policy or guidelines outlining procedures for establishing links for online credit card purchases.

CCCC - Kleigl reported that the theme of the meeting had been a response to statements made by Assistant Secretary of Education Theresa Garcia, Senator Chuck Poochigian, and Superintendent of Fresno Schools Pete Melas denigrating the value of professional organizations, their conferences and conventions. The group also shared ideas for increasing their own individual membership.

CYRM -Tellefson reported online that committee members had suggested that conference sessions include book talks on upcoming nominees. A contract was extended to Helen Foster James for the current Resource Book which is being prepared for editing. The CYRM Committee will send certificates to schools submitting over 200 votes. Shelly Osborne, CATE, will do a column for CRA Book Talk promoting CYRM. The committee is requesting Jordan to establish a link to the CYRM page so members can see the results of the voting and the title lists. Kathryn Gullo from the Los Angeles Unified School District is recommended for CATE's vacant position on the committee. The next CYRM Committee meeting will be June 14, 2003, in Sacramento. CATE will host the October 11 meeting in Ontario.

The meeting recessed from 12:30 to 1:30 P.M. for lunch and to say good-bye to departing members, Olga Kokino, Michelle Berry, Pat Ellis, and Linda Stockton.

CAPITOL - Dunstan noted that Capitol had participated with the other northern councils in the Napa Conference.
CENTRAL - Berry reported that Central was pleased with the success of the Napa Conference and with the attendance at the annual Awards Brunch, held this year at the Napa Marriott on the Sunday following the Napa Conference. Seventy-five people attended the buffet and saw NCTE and CATE student writing contest winners receive their plaques and journals and read their winning entries. Central looks forward to Asilomar 53 in September, NCTE in San Francisco in November and CATE 2005 in Santa Clara. Charleen Delfino is the new president.
FACET - Langenheim reported that Jeannie Oppliger is the new FACET president. On February 23 FACET hosted an evening with local author and farmer, David Mas Masimoto.
GREATER SAN DIEGO - Bowles reported that the Board had voted to continue Promising Practices in December. The next event is the annual awards dinner to be held May 30 at the USD Faculty Dining Room to honor local winners of the NCTE Promising Young Writers and Achievement in Writing Awards as well as recipients of CATE 2003 awards. Dr.Dean Nelson of Point Loma Nazarene University will speak on how a writer chooses worthy topics.
KERN - Hamm mentioned that he was subsituting for Keith who was at her daughter's wedding. There is still little activity in the council.
REDWOOD - White reported that Redwood was pleased to be a part of the Napa Conference. The quality of work for the writing contest was commendable. The winner of the contest will be honored at a special ceremony at the Board of Education. Membership is slowly climbing.
SOUTHLAND - Rippee reported that Southland had celebrated its Achievement in Writing Awards winners in March at a Victorian tea given at West High School in Torrance with a monetary scholarship for each student. Parents and teachers were honored for their support. The spring conference was held on April 5 at the Los Angeles Southwest Indian Museum in Pasadena. The spring retreat will be held May 31 to welcome new officers and celebrate the work of officers whose terms are expiring. Plans are being made for the fall conference October 28 at the Cerritos Sheraton. Catherine Linn will be the new Southland president.
TUCATE - Surabian reported that Tucate had instituted Tucate Afternoon Institutes (TAI) to provide a monthly workshop for teachers on topics which might interest them.
UPPER - Upper co-hosted the New Teachers' Reception at CATE 2003 and co-sponsored the Napa Conference.
POLICY/CENSORSHIP (Chapman, chair; Breneman, Garcia, Hamm, Jago, Kliegl, Kokino, Spain,Younglove, and Zaragoza-Diaz) Kliegl is concerned that the Secretary of Education feels that professional development should exclude professional organizations and their conventions and conferences. Zaragoza-Diaz does not believe that is the focus of Sacramento. Loss of autonomy was a concern. The committee recommends that Roseboro conference with Zaragoza-Diaz before she responds in letters. Zaragoza-Diaz's report was discussed. Bills move only if they do not require money. Bills to follow are: Zaragoza-Diaz is hopeful regarding the new state board members. Marion Joseph is still consulting. Zargoza Diaz feels now is not a good time for a legislative visit because of the stress on budget. Chapman moved and Langenheim seconded that we continue Martha Zaragoza-Diaz's contract. MOTION PASSED.
LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT/LIAISONS - (Morimoto, Chair, Berry, Bowles, Hemric, Langenheim, Surabian, White.) The committee discussed CATE Board recruitment through recruitment to local boards, membership on resolutions and other committees, scholarships to conferences that lead to local board memberships, speaking to education classes. The group supports continuing leadership candidate attendance at Board meetings. Chiyo Masuda, Jenny McBride, and Susan Karpowitz were selected as possible participants in the Regional Conference in Las Vegas.
CONVENTION COORDINATING - (P. Fristrom, chair; Allen, Browne, Dunstan, Ellis, A. Fristrom, Hase, LeCren, Roseboro, Stockton, and Williams). The committee reviewed CATE 2003 including the chair's and the registrar's reports. The group reviewed CATE 2004. P.Fristrom moved and Chapman seconded that the California Writing Project and the San Diego Area Writing Project be approved to conduct the CATE 2004 Pre-Conference. MOTION PASSED.
P. Fristrom moved and Le Cren seconded approval of the same fee structure with a maximum of $50 for the Friday night event. MOTION PASSED.
P. Fristrom moved and Hase seconded that we retain Linda Scott as the registrar with the same terms as 2003. MOTION PASSED.
P. Fristrom moved and Hase seconded that we retain the Kaw Company as the Exhibits manager with the same terms as 2003. MOTION PASSED
Stockton moved and Kiegl seconded the appointment of Punky Fristrom as the Convention Coordinator and of Teisha Hase as his assistant for 2003-04. MOTION PASSED.
P. Fristrom moved and Williams seconded the approval of the Long Beach Convention Center and the Long Beach Hyatt as the first choice for CATE 2008 with the Long Beach Westin as the second choice and the LAX Marriott as the third choice with Convention Coordinator authorized to finalize and sign contracts. MOTION PASSED.
The northern councils were requested to bring proposals for hosts for CATE 2009 to the September meeting.
The committee discussed eliminating the new teacher's reception, president's reception, and Friday and Saturday breakfasts unless these events are supported.
White moved and LeCren seconded the approval of Policy 8.1.
LeCren moved and P. Fristrom seconded beginning Sunday's meeting at 8:00 a.m. MOTION PASSED.
LeCren moved and Kliegl seconded to approve Policy 8.2 and make the changes to remove l. and 3. from 8.2. 8.1 would read "The Advisory Committee will prepare the budget." MOTION PASSED.
Hase moved and Allan seconded to approve Policy 8.4 with the change that in Policy 8.2 "within 30 days of receipt of the bill" to "a timely manner" be made, add "shuttles, tolls, and train fares" to 4.a., and ad One-half before hotel accommodations in 4.b. MOTION PASSED.
LeCren moved and Berry seconded the approval of Policy 8.4 with a change from $100 to $125 per diem. MOTION PASSED.
Stockton moved and LeCren seconded the approval of Policy 8.5. MOTION APPROVED.
Berry moved and Allen seconded the approval of Policy 8.6 with a change in title to Reimbursement for President's Office and the addition of item 4. Presidents may use the appropriation for the president's office for costs which help fulfill their duties. These may include but are not limited to such things as clerical help or substituted days. MOTION PASSED.
Stockton moved and Hase seconded the approval of Policy 8.7 with the removal of Policy 8.7.1. MOTION PASSED.
A. Fristrom moved and Browne seconded the removal of Policy 8.9. MOTION PASSED.
Sunday, May 18
The Board reconvened at 8:00 A.M.
COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES White reported that the President's Handbook was discussed. Dissatisfaction with Precision was expressed. Outgoing presidents agreed to pass on Presidents' Handbook and bylaws to incoming presidents. Langenheim moved and Berry seconded to have councils consider counties instead of zip codes as their constituencies and to approve a by-law revision to that effect. MOTION PASSED Unanimously.
T The council representatives prefer a Friday night President's meeting.
T The Board separated into committees until 9:30 for reports.
PUBLICATIONS (Chapman, chair; Berry, Darter, Kokino, Langenheim, Le Cren, Surabian, and Younglove.). Surabian noted that Jordan is still requesting announcements of upcoming events, news, and updates from local councils. Chapman moved and Langenheim seconded to create a Members Only area on CATEweb with a password that would change periodically with publications for Members only and teasers accessible to non-members and a listserv email for all CATE members with CommuniCATE as the first main posting, replacing the printed version. The cost would be $50 per month. MOTION PASSED.
A policy will be needed to determine who will approve postings beyond CommuniCATE and convention/conference announcements.
Chapman reported for Burke that the postings were less frequent, that Jago was a regular contributor and wondered if procedure for signing up could be more clearly stated. The committee suggested that Burke run a blurb each month encouraging users to become CATE members or to donate to CATE.
Chapman moved and Langenheim seconded that CommuniCATE be distributed electronically. MOTION PASSED. This will save $3400 since $4000 is now budgeted, and Jordan's fee will be $60.
Jago suggested raising the ad rates for CALIFORNIA ENGLISH from $400 to $500, from $300 to $400, from $175 to $200 and from $150 to $175. When the Kaw Company's contract ends as exhibits manager, that percentage will no longer be deducted from the ads.
Le Cren and Chapman reported the results of the CATE Writing Contest: Grades 5-6 - Franny Levin (Central); Grades 7-8 - Taylor Anne Gobar (GSDCTE); Grades 9-10 - Phoebe Jin (Central): and Grades 11-12 -Teresa Ferrell (Southland). LeCren met with the committee to revise next year's prompt.
The committee wondered if ballot costs could be cut by printing and distributing the ballots in CALIFORNIA EN GLISH or by having the voting done electronically.
Although she is leaving the Board, Kokino will finish the 2003 Professional Writing Contest and is willing to do the 2004 contest through electronic and phone communication with the Publications Chair.

MEMBERSHIP (Stockton, chair; Allen, Browne, Ellis, Hase, Hemric, Joseph, and White.) The group discussed sending the February issue of CALIFORNIA ENGLISH with the membership card. As a membership gift the group felt we should use up the lanyards left from this year's convention. Use of the Lucinda pin profits will be discussed at the next meeting. Stockton will communicate with Precision regarding recent increase in problems. The group agreed to reduce the membership budget line to $3000.

EXECUTIVE FINANCE (Morimoto, chair, Bowles, Dunstan, A. Fristrom, P. Fristrom, Hamm, Roseboro, Spain, Williams) Morimoto moved and Dunstan seconded to appoint Anne Fristrom as treasurer for 2003-2004. MOTION PASSED.
Morimoto moved and Dunstan seconded to hold an internal audit by Board members from the San Diego area before the October Board meeting. MOTION PASSED.
The Committee's recommended that Convention fees be raised by $5.00, that the number of NCTE directors be reduced to three, that the delegates to the Leadership Conference be reduced to three, and that the Convention membership gift be eliminated this year. They also recommended that Board meetings start later on Saturday to eliminate Friday night arrivals, that no alternates be sent in Board member's absence if other members from the same council were in attendance and that the dinner allowance be reduced from $18 to $15. The Board agreed unanimously to accept the recommendation to reduce the number of NCTE directors and delegates to the Leadership Conference, not to purchase new CATE 2004 membership gifts, not to send alternates to Board meetings, and to reduce the dinner allowance.
CATE Endowment Program Younglove presented his research for a potential CATE endowment with the two main considerations being creating the correct form for a nonprofit endowment and getting it structured correctly to meet the desires of the membership in compliance with any legalities. Members suggested checking with NCTE about their endowment. Morimoto moved and Berry seconded to create a subcommittee of Younglove and Berry to make further plans for the endowment. MOTION PASSED.
Budget 2003-04 - The Board returned to discussion of the budget. Morimoto moved and Dunstan seconded that the Board approve the CATE 2003-04 budget of $309,700 that included the CATE Convention 2003-04 budget of $154,200. MOTION PASSED.
Stockton moved and White seconded that the meeting adjourn at 12:00 noon. MOTION PASSED.

Respectfully submitted,

Carleen Hemric, Secretary with much help from Jenny McBride